Packing list

As we are leaving our current apartment, we are beginning to prepare our Packing list - or a list of things, which we are going to take to South America with us. Right now, it’s a bit messy, after living at one place for several years, the place is full of stuff, that you don’t use nor need - you just have some emotional attachment for them. But at least you have some motivation to sort through it, tidy up and give away what’s not needed anymore.

Same difficulties apply for packing for the Americas, one would like to pack almost everything, cause you just cannot imagine living without it (Janka - the whole medicine cabinet, Ivan - every single piece of photo equipment). But after some research and planning, we narrowed down (ok, Janka did) some preliminary packing list.

When I looked in my wardrobe, I quickly realized that I don’t own almost anything that might be suitable for our journey. It consisted mostly from work-related clothing - lots of dresses, skirts, blouses, coats… Ivan’s wasn’t much better, as we both do not have that much hiking experience. Therefore, we decided to learn from more experienced long-term travellers.

So, we’ve come up with a list. Right now, it’s limited to mostly clothing, other gear such as tents, sleeping bags and photo / car accessories will come later. As we are going to travel for extensive amount of time and in almost all possible climates (from hikes in Patagonia and volcanos in Ecuador to hot and humid rainforest and sunny beaches in Rio de Janeiro), it is no easy task. We will have a car, but only after 2-3 weeks and we’re also limited by airline restrictions, as we’re flying in Santiago de Chile.

These are the things we’ve written down so far. If you have some good idea or your must-have piece of clothing / equipment, please - let us know in the comments, we would love to know. :)
Hasta pronto,

  • Sunglasses and cap
  • Bandana
  • Towel
  • Packtowl, Medium
  • Watter proof jacket
  • Watter proof pants
  • Soft shell jacket
  • Pullover fleece
  • Thermal long underwear
  • Hat and gloves
  • 2 pairs wool hiking socks
  • 5 normal pairs of socks
  • underwear
  • swimsuit
  • Long sleeve button down shirt
  • t-shirts and tank tops – quick dry
  • 2 pairs shorts
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • PJ
  • Hiking boots
  • Sandals
  • Comfy outdoor shoes
  • Small backpack
  • Ear plugs