Today we'll keep it short - we're moving, it's messy here and we barely have enough energy to walk, not even to write a blog post. So this will have to do:


Since we're flying to Chile in October, some of you were asking us - why are you moving now? Well, the answer is simple. The journey will swallow up a lot of resources (a lot lot), and one of the ways to save up a bit more is to not splurge on various things, including accommodation - so for the next two months, we're moving a bit away from the town. Also, there will be more options for running & hiking, so we're prepared a bit for some intense treks. :)

In the nearest future, we're planning to improve our cinematography skills, run & hike like crazy, get more of our 20 weddings in South America and generally do some more preparation. See you next Monday, we'll write a bit about food. :)