Join us in our travels

You might already know that we are going to travel around South America in a car. Well, as most of the cars have 4 seats or more (Ivan is captain obvious), we’ll have two empty seats in the back… It is true, that we plan to build a special construction that will allow us to have shelter and sleep in the car, but we don’t want to throw those seats away for one good reason - to be able to take someone with us.

Fancy this? Write us :)

Fancy this? Write us :)

So if you are reading these lines and our project sounds like something you’d like to be part of or you’ve always wanted to visit South America, but didn’t have the chance or the right companion to do so, write us at We cannot take everybody with us, as the space is limited, but we can take a few. :) There are some things to consider before you decide to join us, though:

  • We are just people, so we want somebody that will ideally get along with us, be at least a bit positive and tolerant. Maybe a bit crazy too… (no pressure though :) )
  • Ivan is a passionate photographer. That means, he likes to stop quite often and take pictures...and likes to wake up early to catch the sunrise from time to time. If you’re not okay with that, well… get used to it or stay in your own tent that night...and we’ll show you a picture afterwards. :) 
  • We have an itinerary, but it’s not 100% strict and detailed. If you have some very specific plans, or need to be at this or that place at very specific time, we can discuss that in advance. Even if some part of the journey won’t be possible, there are still ways how to do this (part us, part bus :) )
  • Accommodation - most of the time, we’ll be sleeping in car, in camps or wilderness, combined with some couchsurfing/hostels. During that time, it should not be a problem to stay with us, but you need to have a tent (or hostel/hotel)
  • Accommodation during weddings - well, we’ll be documenting weddings, as you probably know. As we’ll be staying with the couple, we cannot guarantee you any accommodation. It’s possible, but in any case, you should have no problem to be on your own during those days. We are quite flexible, so don’t worry - we can drive for you somewhere on the way, or you join us somewhere… we’ll figure something out. But you should be flexible enough to live for a few days on your own :)
  • Weddings. We cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to tag along for them, so if you want that, ask us.
  • Parts of the journey already taken: Patagonia (Bariloche to Ushuaia) and Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls.
  • Last but not least - we’ll share the fuel costs together, so it will be cheaper for all of us. Accommodation too, but that should be mostly reduced to minimum. Food/alcohol/entrance fees or anything special you buy on your own, of course. 

If you’re still interested after reading those lines and really want to join us, first have a look at our itinerary, write us at and we’ll send you the detailed map of our travel and we can have a chat. You don’t have to do it right away of course, as I said, we’re pretty flexible, so if you write us 2 months prior to your arrival, it’s fine too… maybe even better. :)

Well, that’s all for now… so watch for cheap flight deals and come join us. :)

PS: For some inspiration, have a look here or here :)